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A Handy Tip

It’s been some time since I’ve posted to our blog. We have changed our computer system and a lot of other technical things and the “learning curve” is not nearly as friendly to me as it used to be so thank you for your patience!
I’m always looking for things that make the painting experience better and on my way to sharing about a new tripod I had just tried,  Master Artist Susan Ogilvie shared a great idea she has been sharing with her students.
A gifted artist and a wonderful teacher, Susan’s art and workshop schedule can be viewed at    
Susan uses our box and on the frame she has painted a value scale.   Acrylic paint was used and it is very helpful in identifying a color with its value.
Susan Ogilvie & Value Scale on the Heilman Backpack

Susan Ogilvie & Value Scale on the Heilman Backpack