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Monthly archive for March 2015

Application Discoveries

I’m enjoying the variety of applications  of our boxes!

The Sketchbox Double is doing so well for tight plein air experiences with a good palette of colors to work with.

I enjoy how the easel can be used on the box or in my lap and I have recently discovered the Dolica 57” TX570B150SL Aluminum Tripod with Ball Head.

It’s very light at 2.5 lbs, folds down to 12.5”, takes a maximum load of 12 lbs. I spoke with them personally  ( and they are very helpful!

SketchBox Double, with easel

SketchBox Double, with easel

Tripods are an important element in the plein air set up as they must be versatile, sturdy, easily set up and taken down and be as affordable as possible.

There are many on the market and with our boxes, their requirements have to do mainly with the weight of whatever box is being used filled with pastels.

Pastels are heavy and will double the weight of the box they are put into.

Also helpful has been the Heilman Easel Adapter and Easel attached to a tripod.  The Heilman Easel and Easel Adapter expand the use of the tripod

and make for a solid easel set up in field or studio.

Heilman Easel and Heilman Easel Adapter attached to a tripod.

Heilman Easel and Heilman Easel Adapter attached to a tripod.


A Handy Tip

It’s been some time since I’ve posted to our blog. We have changed our computer system and a lot of other technical things and the “learning curve” is not nearly as friendly to me as it used to be so thank you for your patience!
I’m always looking for things that make the painting experience better and on my way to sharing about a new tripod I had just tried,  Master Artist Susan Ogilvie shared a great idea she has been sharing with her students.
A gifted artist and a wonderful teacher, Susan’s art and workshop schedule can be viewed at    
Susan uses our box and on the frame she has painted a value scale.   Acrylic paint was used and it is very helpful in identifying a color with its value.
Susan Ogilvie & Value Scale on the Heilman Backpack

Susan Ogilvie & Value Scale on the Heilman Backpack