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Heilman BackPack Pastel Box


The Heilman BackPack Pastel Box is a lightweight alternative to the larger boxes, and can hold up to 180 full pastel sticks, and over 360 half sticks. It is deep enough to carry Pan Pastels and even has a small area where applicators can be stowed.

Ready for any venue, mountain trail, city sidewalk, populated workshop where space and weight limitations need a light box capable of a good working palette of colors and the versatility to bridge between trailside and studio quickly and easily. This box is a workhorse of modest dimensions, fitting easily into a tote bag, carry-on or backpack. Weighing in at about 7 lbs filled it travels well, sets up with a minimum footprint and tucks nicely into small painting situations.
Drilled to hold the Heilman easel and fitted with a standard coupler for mounting a tripod,  it excels in the field of plein-air experience.

Included: Box Only (All other items used for display purposes).

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Dimensions: 10.5” x 13” x 3” (opens to 21″ × 13″) – 3.75 lbs.

Interior Depth: 1.125” (Holds about 170  2.5” × .5” pieces of pastel.)
Drilled to hold the Heilman easel and fitted with a standard coupler for mounting a tripod.
Weight: about 7 lbs filled.
Lockable latch.
Shoulder strap included.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 115 × 13 × 3 m

1 review for Heilman BackPack Pastel Box

  1. Jennifer

    This box is beautifully crafted (and also has super speedy shipping, at least in the US!) I could not be happier.

    For reference: I was able to fit in half sticks of: 96 Nupastels, 90 Rembrandts, and 80 Senneliers with a little bit of room left over for perhaps (here’s wishing!) a few Terry Ludwigs 😉 Definitely a lot of pastels!

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