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  • Craftsmanship
    and Quality
    to last a lifetime.

  • The Perfect Fit

    Seven different box
    sizes to choose from
    for pastels, oils
    and watercolors.

  • Accessorize it!

    Add a detachable
    featherweight easel
    palette tray and tripod.

  • Marge
    Paintings in pastel,
    oil and watercolor

  • John Heilman


Heilman Boxes

Our boxes are entirely hand-crafted in the USA from brass fitted hardwood, and will last a lifetime. Boxes are drilled to accept standard tripods and Heilman easels, and come in a variety of sizes for every artist's needs. Read more


Lightweight adjustable easels and snap-on palette trays are handy accessories available to outfit your Heilman box . Read more

Heilman News Blog

Here's a great place to read all about what the Heilmans and the artists who use their equipment are doing! Read more

Why choose a Heilman Box?

  • Superb quality and workmanship will last a lifetime
  • Designed to be a pleasure to use
  • Pastels are gently and securely held in place, eliminating breakage
  • Fittings are non-rusting, high quality brass
  • Easily accessorized
  • Customizable inner storage areas
  • Useful for all artistic media

Recent News from Heilman Designs

  • New Product Discovery
    New Product Discovery
    During the booth set up in Monterey I got a  cut on the top of my hand that was fairly deep.  What a great relief I had the product of a friend to rely on!...
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  • Why We Fight to Make the Best
    Why We Fight to Make the Best
    As good wood and materials become more costly and difficult to acquire, we push the envelope of possibilities to have our products be the best, longest serving and easiest to use. When...
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  • Creative Partnering
    Creative Partnering
    In sharing our art, our partners art, be it craftsmanship, communication, etc., we inspire and share things with each other that give each of us new insight into how we will communicate...
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