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Monthly archive for May 2015

New Product Discovery

A slip during unloading resulted in this hand injury .

A slip during unloading resulted in this hand injury .

During the booth set up in Monterey I got a  cut on the top of my hand that was fairly deep.  What a great relief I had the product of a friend to rely on!

Ed “Passi” Pasquerella sent one of his brilliant “Dr.’s Bag” of natural sunscreen, bug repellant and wound repair.

The moment I put just a drop or two of the “Golden Drops to the wound, it stopped the bleeding and eased the pain.  It began the healing immediately

and there was not even a redness or tenderness and because of its natural anti-bacterial properties, the wound was greatly healed by the time convention ended.

Ed Pasquerella's "Golden Drops" and "Buz Off"

Ed Pasquerella’s “Golden Drops” and “Buz Off”


This product is a must for all of us plein air painters!

Visit his site and enjoy a great resource.

Thank you Ed!  You saved the day!

Monterey Excitement

Ready for the next wave of customers!

Ready for the next wave of customers!


Plein Air Convention 2015 Monterey CA

Plein Air Convention 2015 Monterey CA

What a whirlwind adventure Monterey was! Calm sunny days, COLD windy days, atmosphere to take ones breath away moment by moment!

We were so busy at our booth I barely got a chance to catch more than a glimse and get it down in pastel.

So I took lots of photos and used my sketchpad to capture notans and notes from the presentations I was able to attend.

Our daughter saved our life on this trip and made it so memorable….we could not have done it without her!

I was so energized by the friendliness and accessibility of the Faculty members and administrators and the gracious way guest Master Artists gave such jewels of knowledge and inspiration!

The Heilman art boxes had a robust interest and sales were great. The versatility of the Heilman art boxes are making an exciting impact on pastel, oil and watercolor artists.

The Heilman art easel shines as a multi-faceted use as an easel for the Heilman art box or a stand-alone unit connected to a tripod.

This makes for lighter, easily transported set ups and allows for using more than one medium simultaneously.

It is liberating not to get so involved and stressed with pouring all the energy into ONE medium or view.