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Quality Materials

Heilman boxes are made with the best birch lumber and plywood available. The 5/32” birch plywood is made with premium grade Michigan birch on both sides with 60% red birch grain on one side and class A birch on the other side The box lumber is solid natural birch primum grade. The joinery is made…

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An Ashland Experience

Art & Soul Gallery In my many years of making art, dealing with different art-forms, learning and sharing with fellow artists I have given gifts that keep on giving. As artists we learn and express our passions each in our own way. This is why I feel so blessed to find a consortium of talent that…

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New Product Discovery

A slip during unloading resulted in this hand injury . During the booth set up in Monterey I got a  cut on the top of my hand that was fairly deep.  What a great relief I had the product of a friend to rely on! Ed "Passi" Pasquerella sent one of his brilliant "Dr.'s Bag" of natural sunscreen, bug repellant…

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Why We Fight to Make the Best

As good wood and materials become more costly and difficult to acquire, we push the envelope of possibilities to have our products be the best, longest serving and easiest to use. When our boxes are opened and the lids come off, something wonderful is about to happen.  Nature’s elements or still-life set-ups are about to…

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Show or Tell?

It was almost overwhelming!  A flurry of activity, a rush of people.  No matter how prepared, IAPS will always sweep you off your feet!  The wave of happy reunions, new friends made, ideas, options and possibilities  sweeps you up and takes you for the ride that is IAPS 2013!  We had good roads &  weather.     We came…

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The Journey of Art

Albert Handell This is the Master artist Albert Handell using the Medium(Original) box on his French easel. An artist so gifted and sharing his instruction must be first on any artist’s “bucket list”. His workshops, both regular and mentoring are life changing for artists new and experienced alike, check his schedule at…

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