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Bon Voyage!


The excitement is high as I try out our new Heilman Designs All-in-One Oil Box®! The wonderful lightness, the stability and the versatility for different sizes of paintings that can be done will be so helpful when hiking off road and painting in small spaces! I like the fact that I can access brushes, paint tubes without having to carry extra storage and also store my wet paintings in several sizes and get them safely back to the car without carrying several containers. I am so looking forward to sharing the adventures this oil pochade box will make possible and also using it in tandem with the Heilman Pastel Boxes! Thanks to the magic craftsman, husband John, son Ted, grandson TJ for perfecting this innovative design! Thanks also to our children, John, Larry, Therese and Patrick who have helped take our passion for art to a new level as they help us navigate the daily demands of our operations.