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Crystal Creek Falls by John Heilman
Crystal Creek Falls by John Heilman

Welcome to our new website and blog! It’s a wonderful time to be an artist. The internet facilitates sharing our journeys, learning our craft, reaching for new ideas and innovations. Each time I interact with an artist or artist page I come away with a new sense of excitement and creative energy…a really GOOD energy that enhances my life and fortifies my spirit. Often we’re reminded how important art is to all our lives, how important it is to share a passion and communicate it to our community. I realized how crucial art is in a cold, imposing hospital corridor at 2 in the morning, waiting anxiously for an answer or outcome and my eyes walked into a painting that hung on the wall. It was of a bunch of sunflowers. It pulled me in and spirited me away from the coldness of fear and pain to the comforting sunshine of those saturated petals and inviting greens of the generous leaves. I warmed to the mood and felt the comfort of a vibrant rendition of nature that led me to memories of just such a bunch of flowers. I remembered the smell, the furry texture of the leaves and their heat from the sunshine. It took me in and bridged the long hours and warded off the haunting possibilities that could change a life forever. Who could put a price on the worth of that painting in those long hours before dawn?
This space is dedicated to that vocation…the creation of works that bring peace, healing, excitement, discovery and celebration of life.

Art is made for many reasons, for communication, documentation, therapy, for sale… just for the need to “push paint around” or learn the dynamics of pigments or compositional elements. Whatever the reason, it’s a wonderful vehicle and some important elements are the tools we use.
Our boxes were created out of a glaring need. When our painting group was first introduced to pastels by Albert Handell, we learned quickly the fragile nature of the pastel and the difficulty of transporting it into the field or workshop. The “wish list” was created and John was the magician that made it happen. Some of the items were, “it has to hold a good-sized palette of colors”, “it has to be compact”, “open and close quickly”, “protect the investment of pastels”, “easily transported”.
With a few prototypes for friends, we ventured on location with Albert and the wild ride began. Now they travel the world, work in every climate for every level of artist and keep the pastels at the ready for masterpieces to come.


  • Ted & Family
    Posted April 24, 2013 at 9:52 PM

    looks great, plus look at ALL the reviews when you go google heilmandesigns

  • nancy
    Posted May 16, 2013 at 10:06 AM

    Love your site

  • Mark Miller
    Posted June 17, 2013 at 5:36 PM

    I am very blessed and proud to have such a talented, gifted aunt and uncle! Beautiful, breathtaking artwork and photos!

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