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Tripod Shelf 718

Good news in the quest for better set ups for painting in studio or on location.  John’s new Easel Shelf is doing a good job enabling stable, multi-application use of this new tool.  The shelf greatly diminishes to cantilever problem with other tripod shelf attachments.  A strong, light, stable and centered ballast of the aluminum frame gives stability and security for a variety of different boxes and pallets.  The shelf partners with the Heilman easel and the tripod quick release as a concise painting set up. The shelf secures pastel boxes, oil boxes and palettes to a depth of l7”.  The shelf breaks down to a backpack size storage with 2 lb weight to pack.

Artists using them are sharing their experience and we are looking forward to more news about various uses with this new accessory.

Phots Courtesy of Peter Huntoon