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The Journey of Art

Albert Handell
Albert Handell

This is the Master artist Albert Handell using the Medium(Original) box on his French easel. An artist so gifted and sharing his instruction must be first on any artist’s “bucket list”. His workshops, both regular and mentoring are life changing for artists new and experienced alike, check his schedule at

Margaret Evans with the new Heilman Sketchbox Double box.
Margaret Evans with the new Heilman Sketchbox Double box.

Traveling the world is second nature for Margaret Evans who teaches in her warm-hearted style. She uses the new Sketchbox Double and Backpack box with the Heilman Easel. With experience in multiple mediums and climates she gives students a treasure trove of education and painting experience. From the glens of Scotland, vistas of Tuscan villages to the landscapes of the America she makes art a rich and rewarding experience. Her art and teaching schedule can be seen at

Margaret Evans Demo w-our Bkpk web
Margaret Evans Heilman box setup with a gorgeous painting of poppies.

Richard McKinley in Eastern OR  & Heilman Box 2012 web
Richard McKinley painting en plien air.

Richard McKinley en plein air, eastern Oregon. Richard excells in his teaching format and diverse applications of pastel and oils. His workshop is a “must” for any artist’s investment in their craft. For workshop info go to

Marge Painting @ Monument Valley web
So where ever it leads us, however it finds us, art is a journey we must take each in our own way and make the most of our passion.