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Creative Partnering

Heilman Designs Belt & Palette 913

In sharing our art, our partners art, be it craftsmanship, communication, etc., we inspire and share things with each other that give each of us new insight into how we will communicate our own visions.  When I see what John sees in his camera, compared to what I see in mine has been a great source of revelation and insight.   Our art, our partner’s art, be it craftsmanship, communication, etc. bridge over to create innovative ideas that produce great products.  That’s how the Heilman Pastel Box came to be.  John saw my efforts in plein air with a different eye and used his creative talents to enhance my painting experience and that of many other artists.

Recently John’s gift of engineering and design coupled with a great knowledge of wood crafting has given us the exciting new “Sketchbox Single” and “Sketchbox Double” A new 12” Easel has been achieved to give more latitude to set up size.  They are working great and allow more time to “catch the moments”. I’ve added a value finder that I’ve made personally for my students for years that tucks into small sketchbooks or tablets to add to the set up.  Combined they give a “never leave home without it” bundle of tools waiting to capture any sketch or miniature treasure at a moment’s notice.  Easy open, easy close, compact and reliable!  A “Starter Package” will be available shortly..

Heilman Designs Sketchbox Double & 12'' Easel & MHDValue Finder & Multimedia artboard
Heilman Designs Sketchbox Double & 12” Easel & MHDValue Finder & Multimedia artboard

Another example of creative partnering came from a request from an artist who has our boxes to use our patented side latch for a custom piece of fine furniture that her husband builds.  A gifted couple whose artistry and talent reside in beautiful wood pieces, hand crafted tiles and tilework.  Barbara Vanderbuilt and Richard Curewitz at offer a beautiful, finely crafted laptop desk.  Its brevity of size would meet the need of every small apartment or limited space, its fine craftsmanship makes it an heirloom to be treasured for generations to come. Barbara Vanderbilt & Richard Curewitz Laptop Table

A new item which we will offer on our website is the Multimedia Artboard.  I have been using it with pastel, oil, etc and find it to be a great companion for our boxes en plein air and also in the studio where I have been doing “take it with you” sizes to sell in the gallery.  The story of this product is wonderful and so fitting with the title of this blog.  Alice Carney and her husband developed the multimedia artboard . What the Carneys created is an archival material, which is very light weight, easy to cut, can be used on both sides, and is very durable. A material that an artist could use for oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, collage, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, virtually any medium available to today’s vast array of artists.  Tom Carney, her son is doing an amazing job of producing this product with high standards for quality control and customer service!  This story resonates so much because it is our story too and the products that allow artists everywhere to paint their passion and express their vision is so important!  Check out our sizes and prices and for more information on the product itself go to

Multimedia Art Board 1 web

There are so many examples of creative partnerships that combine talent, innovation and creativity to give the world a new way of seeing, doing and thinking.  If you have an example you would like to share, please let us know, we would love to see it!  Meanwhile, HAPPY PAINTING!

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  • Dottie Hoeschen
    Posted October 24, 2013 at 9:21 AM

    Just wanted to thank you for the way you sprang into action when UPS lost my order. I needed it for this weekend and because you contacted them quickly, they were able to track it down in plenty of time. The offer to ship another if it wasn’t found before 1pm the next day was greatly appreciated. Good customer service! Thanks again!

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