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Author page: Zain Joyce

A Handy Tip

It’s been some time since I’ve posted to our blog. We have changed our computer system and a lot of other technical things and the “learning curve” is not nearly as friendly to me as it used to be so thank you for your patience!I’m always looking for things that make the painting experience better…

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Why We Fight to Make the Best

As good wood and materials become more costly and difficult to acquire, we push the envelope of possibilities to have our products be the best, longest serving and easiest to use. When our boxes are opened and the lids come off, something wonderful is about to happen.  Nature’s elements or still-life set-ups are about to…

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Show or Tell?

It was almost overwhelming!  A flurry of activity, a rush of people.  No matter how prepared, IAPS will always sweep you off your feet!  The wave of happy reunions, new friends made, ideas, options and possibilities  sweeps you up and takes you for the ride that is IAPS 2013!  We had good roads &  weather.     We came…

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The Journey of Art

Albert Handell This is the Master artist Albert Handell using the Medium(Original) box on his French easel. An artist so gifted and sharing his instruction must be first on any artist’s “bucket list”. His workshops, both regular and mentoring are life changing for artists new and experienced alike, check his schedule at…

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Crystal Creek Falls by John Heilman Welcome to our new website and blog! It’s a wonderful time to be an artist. The internet facilitates sharing our journeys, learning our craft, reaching for new ideas and innovations. Each time I interact with an artist or artist page I come away with a new sense of excitement and…

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